"There is almost nothing in our society besides rugby that allows women to be truly physically aggressive, to use our bodies in the same unselfconscious, unafraid, assertive way that men use theirs all the time." -Amy Perfors, "Why Play Rugby?"

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Sudanese model Adeng by Aric Yeakey

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Sometimes you have to trip over the same rock to learn your lesson… or pick it up and throw it at Obama. *cool kid emoji*

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*feeling loved emoji*

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#tbt to july 20, 2k13: my first time exploring DC, the night we arrived to the Capitol after our week long #RoadToReform trip around rural NC with @la_coalicion.

Exactly a year ago tomorrow, the proposed bill for “immigration reform” passed the Senate and honestly died the same day. (You don’t need to hear it from Rep. Luis Gutiérrez to know…) I knew that the day of, like many others even before it was introduced into the Senate, but I thought that if we, as a community, came together and worked ‘hard enough’ then we’d have a chance. What I didn’t know was how much non-profits, paid advocates, and congresspeople go out of their way to feed a harmful bill into the mouths of the community for grant money and photo-ops. It’s been a year of growth and I’m thankful for the ups and downs that I’ve been able to learn from.

Remember: “Allies” aren’t always your friends. Be critical. Don’t take the shit people give you for not wanting to trust them — you don’t have to. Nonprofits aren’t all good-intentioned.

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Buenos días :) #iflifegivesyoulemons #askfortequila // repost from @womenforone ✨

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"ME SOLTÉ EL CABELLO, ME PUSE TACONES…!" ♡ ✨ (at Haydees Restaurant)

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"ME SOLTÉ EL CABELLO, ME PUES TACOOONES…!" ♡✨ (at Haydees Restaurant)

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The Pharcyde, Otha Fish, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, 1992.

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Finally on my way back to DC after having to come back to Durham this morning to pick up some things I forgot 😩 but s/o the homies who have my back and brought me what I needed. ♡👌 #clumsinessisexpensive #lovethisplacebtw #bullcity (at American Tobacco Campus)