Sometimes you have to trip over the same rock to learn your lesson… or pick it up and throw it at Obama. *cool kid emoji*

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*feeling loved emoji*

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#tbt to july 20, 2k13: my first time exploring DC, the night we arrived to the Capitol after our week long #RoadToReform trip around rural NC with @la_coalicion.

Exactly a year ago tomorrow, the proposed bill for “immigration reform” passed the Senate and honestly died the same day. (You don’t need to hear it from Rep. Luis Gutiérrez to know…) I knew that the day of, like many others even before it was introduced into the Senate, but I thought that if we, as a community, came together and worked ‘hard enough’ then we’d have a chance. What I didn’t know was how much non-profits, paid advocates, and congresspeople go out of their way to feed a harmful bill into the mouths of the community for grant money and photo-ops. It’s been a year of growth and I’m thankful for the ups and downs that I’ve been able to learn from.

Remember: “Allies” aren’t always your friends. Be critical. Don’t take the shit people give you for not wanting to trust them — you don’t have to. Nonprofits aren’t all good-intentioned.

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Buenos días :) #iflifegivesyoulemons #askfortequila // repost from @womenforone ✨

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"ME SOLTÉ EL CABELLO, ME PUSE TACONES…!" ♡ ✨ (at Haydees Restaurant)

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"ME SOLTÉ EL CABELLO, ME PUES TACOOONES…!" ♡✨ (at Haydees Restaurant)

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The Pharcyde, Otha Fish, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, 1992.

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Finally on my way back to DC after having to come back to Durham this morning to pick up some things I forgot 😩 but s/o the homies who have my back and brought me what I needed. ♡👌 #clumsinessisexpensive #lovethisplacebtw #bullcity (at American Tobacco Campus)



ray j wants everyone to be defined by their pasts because he hasn’t done a goddamn thing since 2008 or some shit lmao wack ass

ray j is proof that niggas will be petty for a lifetime when they see you doing better than they ever will

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Check out this year’s NC Undocugraduation’s graduates compared to last year’s — we’re growing in numbers, and we’re not stopping! #onestateonerate #tuitionequitynow 💪 (at North Carolina General Assembly)

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My job is pretty cool. Too bad they keep cutting my hours 😩 (at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine)

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Check out Daisy’s poster! :) before we go to our vigil against a local pray away the gay ministry program in Yadkinville. #AquiEstamosYNoNosVamos ✨💪😘 (at Days Inn Yadkinville)

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